Privacy Act

Here is a summary of the ten principles of the Act for the Protection of Personal Information:

  1. Accountability: We have designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for our compliance with the principles of the Act. The Board of Directors has appointed the Vice President of Human Resources and Governance as the designated Privacy Officer.
  2. Identifying Purposes: Before or at the time we ask you for personal information, we will identify the purpose for which it is collected. Personal information provided by you is used for the following purposes:
    1. Confirm your identity
    2. Understand you better and determine your qualification for selected services
    3. Fulfill legal reporting requirements
    4. Protect you and Mainstreet from losses due to error or fraud
    5. Share with third parties, subject to this or similar privacy policies, in order to provide services to you, such as credit cards, loans, investment, or other products.
  3. Consent: We require your knowledge and consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information. Consent is obtained through acceptance of the Service Agreement.
  4. Limiting Collection: The collection of personal information is limited to only the purposes we’ve identified to you.
  5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention: We will only use or disclose your personal information with your consent (or as required by law). We will only retain your information as long as necessary to fulfill identified purposes.
  6. Accuracy: We will use our best effort to ensure your information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  7. Safeguards: We will protect your personal information with appropriate security safeguards.
  8. Openness: We will make specific, understandable information readily available to you about our personal information policies and practices. We will explain practices and details upon request.
  9. Individual Access: When you request it, we will give you access to the existence, use and disclosure of your information. You are entitled to question its accuracy and completeness.
  10. Challenging Compliance: You are entitled to question our Privacy Officer on our compliance with these principles.

Take the time to know your rights, and how your information is protected by the Act for the Protection of Personal Information!